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Miniature Deceleration Air Motor MUD 16-140-F55

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Product Description

The microvane type air motor has a small factor in power variation at a high speed ratio and can be used for a wider range of applications. The motor is used in various pneumatic tools and conveying equipment, and is suitable for installation in a small space.


Data sa Operasyon


MUD 16-140 F55


0.16 kW

Load Speed

140 min-1


11.00 Nm

Starting Torque

16.00 Nm

Maximum torque

22.00 Nm

Idling speed

280 min-1

Pagkonsumo sa Hangin

5.0 ls


0.85 kg

Maximum shaft load  Fr

1100 N

Maximum shaft load  Fa

900 N

Hose diameter

6.0 mm




pagpanghimatuud sa pagbuto certification


Stainless steel

oil free

All data were based on working pressure of 6.3bar

Provide technical modifications


Mga dagway

1. Air motor is 100% explosion-proof and waterproof, pagpanghimatuud sa pagbuto, moisture-proof and dustproof

2. Can start, stop, reverse direction at any time

3. The overload will stop and the motor will not be damaged.

4. Self-cooling fruit, can be used in high temperature

5. Can be used as an emergency power source

6. Easy to operate and automatic control



1. Industrial equipment

2. Pagmina

3. Chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical companies

4. Ships can be used under the water

5. Iron and aluminum casting industry

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